A-type Release | New York, NY
Kidrobot Fatcap Release | San Francisco, CA
Picks Of The Harvest | Culver City, CA
Crowded Teeth Show | Los Angeles, CA
Playsam 500 | San Francisco, CA
Kidrobot Live Painting | San Francisco, CA
Kidrobot & Urban Outfitters Signing | San Francisco, CA
Licensing Expo | Las Vagas, NV
Bellicosity | Hollywood, CA
Weapons Of Mass Change | Travelling Exhibition
Wild At Heart | Culver City, CA
My Little Pony Charity Event | Los Angeles, CA
SDCC | San Diego, CA
Myplasticheart | New York, NY
Fairytales | Sacramento, CA
Art Basel | Art Whino Vinyl Show, Miami, FL
Plushform | Oh No Doom, Chicago, IL
Print | Gallery 1am, San Francisco, CA
Holiday Show | Fabric 8, San Francisco, CA
Plush-o-rama! | Sacramento, CA
Blammo Show | San Francisco, CA
Disney Vinylmation - Alice In Wonderland | Orlando, FL
Kidrobot Sketch Night | San Francisco, CA
Girls Night Out | Sacramento, CA
Disney Vinylmation - Pirates | Orlando, FL
Against The Grain | San Francisco, CA
Wondercon | San Francisco, CA
Licensing Expo | Las Vegas, CA
Wonderland | Los Angeles, CA
Crowded Teeth | Los Angeles, CA
Ape | San Francisco, CA
Droplet Series 2 Launch | Bristol, UK
Rodrigo Del Papal | Paris, France
We Heart Wood | Los Angeles, CA
Itsy Bitsy | New York, NY
Slow Movements | Philadelphia, PA 

15th Anniversary Qee Show | Sacramento, CA
Circuitous Psnail | Pasadena, CA
Sketchbot Custom Show 2 | Los Angeles, CA
1:Am Print Show | San Francisco, CA
Love Movement | San Francisco, CA
Natural Resources | Cleveland, OH
Take A Line For A Walk | Derby, UK
Floodit 3 | Nottingham, UK
Pinkghost Solo Show | Hollywood, FL
Plastic Chapel Solo Show | Denver, CO
SDCC Strangeco Signing | San Diego, CA
The Kokeshi Show | Los Angeles, CA
Qee 2 Life | Lake Ronkonkoma, NY
Back In Black | Ybor City, FL
Alcove Show | Decatur, GA
Flower Parade | Chicago, IL
Uk Dunny Release Party | London, UK
Bluebottle Solo Show | Seattle, WA
Expocision Colectiva | Barcelona, Spain
Official Madl Show | Detroit, MI
Gocco Show | Bristol, UKCustom Sharky Show | Flushing, NY
House Of Liu | Staten Island, NY
Myplasticheart Solo Show | New York, NY
Get The Lead Out | Los Angeles, CA
Plushform | Chicago, IL
La Femme | Alhambra, CA
Down The Bunny Hole | Columbus, OH
Cartoon Madness 3 | Decatur, GA
Jansport Artist Series Release Party | New York, NY
Kicks | San Diego, CA
The Kokeshi Show | San Diego, CA
DGPH Mole Rider Tour | Los Angeles, CA
DVA Gallery Show with Kurt Halsey | Chicago, IL
Ninja Show | Los Angeles, CA
Something Wicked This Way Comes | Mesa, AZ
Leftie Show | London, UK 

Picks Of The Harvest | Los Angeles, CA
Plus Plush | London, UK
Attack Of The Zliks! | New York, NY
Robot Invasion | St. Petersburg FL
Munny Shot | Bristol, UK
Blahblah Gallery | Online Feature
Re:mission | Los Angeles, CA
Onezerozero | CA
Slipmad Exhibition | Barcelona, Spain
I Am 8bit | Los Angeles, CA
Alphacult Girl Show | Longbeach, CA
Power In Numbers | Alhambra,  CA
Art Star Solo Show | Philadelphia, PA
Paper Pushers | Los Angeles,  CA
Triamese | Los Angeles,  CA
Remixing The Magic | Los Angeles,  CA
The Birds And The Bees | Hamtramck, MI
Skateboard Show | Atlanta, GA
Girl Show | Alhambra,  CA
LA Weekly Biennial | Santa Monica,  CA
Primary Red | Detroit, MI
Cartoon Madness | Atlanta, GA
The Gigantic Show, Rockpile Magazine | New York, NY
Bluebottle Art Gallery Solo Show | Seattle, WA
I Know What Boys Like, I Know What Girls Want | Los Angeles, CA
The Exquisite Corpse | Los Angeles, CA
Submit To Print | Denver, CO
Blah Blah Gallery | Online Feature
Fresh Produce | Los Angeles,  CA
The Good Foot | Portland, OR
Workhorse Group Show | NC
What’s Your 20?, 10-4 Good Buddy Collective | San Diego, CA
17 Artists | Milwaukee, WI
Riverwest Artist Association | Milwaukee, WI
Historical Iron Block Building | Milwaukee, WI